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Finding Area 

Area of a Circle 
Area Formulas Chart      
Area Parallelogram                          
Area Rectangles
Area Triangles
Area Rhombuses
Area Squares
Base Area Formulas

Finding Perimeter

Perimeter Rectangles
Perimeter Rhombuses
Perimeter Squares

​Math and Science Crossword Clues

For more Math Help videos
Our goal is to help you "moove" through  your Math class by providing helpful videos, tips, resources, and calculators. We are a team of experienced, certified teachers that are good at breaking down difficult math concepts into easy steps. Our goal is to keep each lesson around three minutes in length.

Why Math videos?  Research shows video instruction is a very effective form of instruction, besides most people would rather watch videos to learn, than read about it. 

We also have a summary page for each Math lesson ​that provides written information on the Math concept covered. 

Numbers and Their Properties     

Comparing Integers Video
Comparing Dimensions
What is a prime number? 
What is prime factorization? 
Divisibilty Rules Chart
How do you find  LCM?
How do you find  GCF ? 

Find a Percent 

Fractions  decimals percents calculator
Percent of    
Percent Increase

Educational Math Videos and Animated Science Videos

 Geometry Homework Help Videos
Good Study Habits
Good Study Habits
Coordinate Geometry /Math Help Videos
Geometry Shapes
Math Calculators for online Math Help
Science Crosswords
Science Crossword Puzzles
Middle School Math
Middle School Science
Geometry Basics
PreAlgebra   Algebra 

Absolute Value Video 
Algebra Cheats
Definition of Scalene Triangle
Direct and Inverse Variation T-Tables
Direct Variations
Distributive Property
Dividing Exponents
Divisibilty Rules Chart
Linear Equation
Linear Solution
Multiplying Exponents
Multiplying Positive and 
Multiplication Crossword Puzzles
Names of  Polygons  
One Step Equation using Division
One Step Equation using Multiplication
One Step Equation using subtraction
Order of Operations
Proportion word problems
Prime Factorization
Reducing Fractions 
Reducing Fractions Using Factor Tree
Solve for Variable
Subtracting Negative Numbers

Finding Surface Area and Finding Volume 

Surface Area Cylinder
Surface Area Prism
Surface Area Pyramid
Volume Prism
Volume Pyramid
Volume Rectangular Prism
A-Z Subject List / Math Help Videos
30-60-90 Triangles
45-45-90 Triangles Video 
Alternate exterior angles
Alternate interior angles
Arc length of a circle 
Circles Unit
Complementary Angles
Distance Formula
Equilateral Triangles
Geometry Formulas
How to find the area of a trapezoid
Isosceles Triangle
Measuring angles with a protractor
Midpoint formula calculator
Positive and Negative Slope
Right Triangle Formula
Special Right Triangle
Similar Triangles
Simplifying Radicals
Slope Intercept Form
Slope Calculator


Slope of Parallel Lines
Slope of Perpendicular Lines
Special Right Triangles
Solving Trig Ratios
Surface Area Formula Chart
Trigonometric Identities


I need help with my Math Homework

We create Math and Science Videos to help you in School

A partial list of our Math and Science Help Videos

Middle School Math

Algebra Homework Help

Algebra 2 Homework Help

Geometry Homework Help

Study Tips

Middle School Life Science

middle school science videos
Middle School Life Science Videos

Genotype vs Phenotype
Kingdom Fungi
Lung Facts
Using a microscope
Levels of Organization

I have created over 100 animated Science videos and upload everyday. Check out my Youtube Channel and please subscribe
Protein a beginners guide
Left Right Brain
Brain Facts for Kids
Middle School Science Playlist
The playlist has 149 videos
Science Crossword Puzzles
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