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Geometry Things to Remember  Very helpful high school Geometry cheat sheet

Geometry Formulas  Very nice printable page of Geometry Formulas. Includes the typical shapes plus formulas normally not found like,annulus,ellipse,torus.

List of Geometry Formulas Chart

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Download Complete list here.     Formulas Chart for Geometry

Geometry formulas chart
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Area of a Circle


A = Π x square of radius

Area of Equilateral Triangle




A = (side^2) √3)/4

Area of n gon

A = ½ apothem * Perimeter

Area of a Parallelogram


A= base x height

Area of a Rectangle

A = length x width

Area of a Rhombus

A = ½ Diagonal 1* Diagonal 2


Area of a Square

A = Side^2

Area of a Trapezoid

A = ½ ( Base1 + Base 2 ) height

Area of a Triangle

A = ½ Base x Height

Base Area of Heptagon

Area of Base = ½ apothem * perimeter

Base Area of Hexagon

Area of Base = ½ apothem * perimeter

Base Area of Octagon

Area of Base = ½ apothem * perimeter

Base Area of Parallelogram

Area of Base = base * altitude

Base Area Pentagon

Area of Base = ½ apothem * perimeter

Base Area Rectangle

Area of Base = length * width

Base Area Square

Area of Base = Square of side

Base Area Trapezoid

Area of Base = ½ (height)(base 1 + base2)

Base Area Triangle

Area of Base = 1/2base * height

Circumference of a Circle

C =2 x Π x radius


Distance Formula

D=√(x2-x1)2 + (y2 –y1)2


Equation of a Circle

General Form (x-h) 2 +( y-k) 2 h and K are coordinates of the circle and r = radius


45 45 90 Triangle Hypotenuse

H= leg√2

45 45 90 Triangle Legs


1⁄2 hypotenuse√2

Heron’s Formula




s=(a+b+c)/2 then A= √(s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c))

Horizontal Line

Y = ( any number)

Lateral Area of Cone

πrsl r = radius sl = slant height

Lateral Area Cube

4s2 s=side


Lateral Area Cylinder


Circumference x Height


Lateral Area Prism

Perimeter x height


Lateral Area Pyramid

1/2P * sl sl =slant height P=perimeter


Lateral Area Rectangular Solid

Perimeter *height


Lateral Area Right Cone

LA = ½ Psl P=2πr sl = slant height


Lateral Area Right Cylinder

LA = 2πr*h


Lateral Area Right Prism

LA = Ph P = sum of base sides h = height

Midpoint Formula




( X1 + X2)/2 , (Y1 + Y2)/2

Perimeter of a Parallelogram

P= 2( base + side)

Perimeter of a Rectangle

P= 2(base + height)

Perimeter n gon

P = number of sides * sides

Perimeter of a Rhombus

P= 4 x side

Perimeter of a Square

P = 4 x side

Perimeter of a Trapezoid

Base1 + Base2 + Side1 + side 2

Perimeter of a Triangle

Side A + Side B + Side C

Point Slope Form


y-y1 = m(x-x1)







X2-X1 = Rise over Run

Slope Intercept Form

y = mx + b M = slope b = y intercept

Surface Area of a Cone

SA= π*radius*slant height+ πradius2

Surface Area of a Cube

SA = 6side2

Surface Area of a Cylinder

Lateral Area + 2πradius2

Surface Area of a Prism

Lateral Area + 2Base

Surface Area of a Pyramid

Lateral Area + 1Base

Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

2(length*width + length*height + height*width)

Surface Area of a right Cone



SA=1/2*Diameter*π*slant height+base

Surface Area of a Right Cylinder



2πradius2 +2πradius x height

Surface Area of a Right Prism

SA = Perimeter * height + 2 Base

Surface Area of a Sphere


30 60 90 Triangle short and long legs



Short leg =½ hypotenuse

Long leg = 1⁄2 hypotenuse√3


Formula chart for Geometry. Use these Geometry formulas to calculate perimeter, area, base area, lateral area, and surface area for various Geometric shapes along with the distance formula, and equation of a circle. Over 70 formulas included. The geometry formula sheet is also available for download. Hope it helps

Click the picture to Download the entire chart