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List of study habits

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
 Need to improve your grades? Maybe you want to keep the same grades but reduce your amount of study time. 

These study habits and tips are what top students practice on a daily basis. 

Find one or two new habits you can begin today, and do this once a month and your grades will improve and you will become a more effective student.
Welcome to my list of study habits.
 I have divided this page into the five pillars of school success plus motivation. The five pillars are,

1. Organization
2. Workspace
3. Time management
4. Study Aids
5. Test Strategies

Study Skills Secret Guide to your best Grades
I developed the five pillarsof success by watching top students for the last 25 years of teaching Science and coaching cross country. My top students practice these five skills on a daily basis. I have writen these habits into a book called, 

Study Skills: A Teachers Secret Guide to Making Your Best Grades.

I also create videos that cover many of the topics covered on this page. I upload a new Math,Science or Study skills video everyday. I hope you will check out my channel.

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Study Aids - Resources to help develop new study Habits
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Test Taking Strategies