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Common Core Standard: HSG-GPE.B.6
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Midpoint of a Line/Regents   This website is developed by a school system, and reviews two methods for calculating the midpoint of a line.

​How To Find The Midpoint Using The Midpoint Formula  Very helpful YouTube video tutorial covering the midpoint formula. 

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video midpoint formula calculator
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1. Draw a vertical line down from A until it is even with B and draw another line horizontal rom B until it touches the vertical line from point a.  You have a right triangle drawn.

​2. Mark the right angle created  at vertex x.
3. Next, count the number of units on each leg of the triangle.  From A to X, there are 3 units. Take 1/2 of the side or 1/2 x3 = 1.5.   Draw a horizontal line across.

Count from B to X.  There are 4 units and 1/2 of 4 = 2.  Draw a line straight up that is at the halfway point.  
4. Where the two lines cross is the midpoint of AB. ( 1/2, o )

Midpoint formula calculator

Transcript Midpoint of a Line
2 + -1                -2+ 2   
    2                        2               
= 0
= 1/2
Midpoint of the line equals   (1/2,0 )
graphing and finding the midpoint

Use this handy midpoint formula calculator to find the point that is exactly halfway between two given points.

Find the midpoint between (-2,2) and (2,-1)

Midpoint Formula Definition:.

midpoint of a line segment is the point on a line segment that divides the segment into two congruent segments.

You can think of the midpoint as the point halfway between the two endpoints of a line segment.
midpoint formula weak humor Hey the house is halfway beteween us oh you mean it is dividing the line into two equal segments
​ You can find the midpoint two ways. You can find the midpoint on a graph or by using an average formula.

Finding midpoint of a line on a graph.​

1. Draw a right triangle from the ordered
pairs. ( see example)

2. Find 1/2 of each side

 3. At the point these two numbers intercept is 
  your midpoint

​Example Find the midpoint between (-2,2) and (2,-1)
You can also use the Midpoint Formula

(x1 + x2   ,    y1 + y2)

Hi Welcome to Moo Moo Math. Today we are going to look at midpoint and how to find the midpoint of a line. We are going to look at it two ways. The first way is via a graph and the second is by the formula. Let’s look at the graph. I have graphed the points (-2, 2) and the other point (2, -1) and are going to find the midpoint of the segment. Well, if I connect these two points together, I can estimate my midpoint which is about here. Midpoint just means half way. Now I am going to show you graphically how to do this. I am going to draw a right triangle. So I am going to take the Point A and dot it down until I until I get even with Point B. Then I am going to go across until I get over to point A. Now, I have created a right triangle. This side is 3 units, and this side is 4 units. I am going to take ½ of each side. Half of 3 is 1.5 and half of 4 is 2. So I take half of each side, and I go 1.5 here and 2 here and I see where these two meet,and that gives me my midpoint. I have created a rectangle inside the right triangle. This is the graphical way if you like graphs. Now, let’s look at the formula way. I have the point (-2, 2) and (2, -1) and I am going to label these, x one, y one and x two, y two, this is my first ordered pair and this is my second ordered pair. Then I am going to plug them into the formula. I am going to take x one PLUS x two and divide by two. So I add my two x-coordinates together, and divide by 2. So, -2 plus 2 over 2 is zero over 2 or just zero. I do the same thing with my y-coordinates. 2 plus -1 all over 2. 2 plus -1 is positive 1, 1 over 2 is just ½. That means my ordered pair is (0, ½). That’s my midpoint. Let’s look at the rules of Midpoint! We have 2 methods, graphing, draw your right triangle, then find ½ of each side and connect those back to see where that point is. The second method is to use the midpoint formula, we took x one plus x two divided by 2, so we average the two x-coordinates. Y one plus y two divided by 2 to find the y-coordinate. Hope this was helpful.