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​In order to solve one step equations with division and multiplication there are two key procedures you need to follow.
First, in order to isolate the variable you must complete the same operation on both sides of the equation. 
Second, apply an "inverse operation" in order to isolate your variable. What this means is that in order to undo division the inverse operation would be multiplication. Let's look at some examples in order to see how to apply these two rules.

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Transcript One step Equations with Division
Today we are going to look at another way of solving one step equations. Here is our equation X divided by three is equal to 9 To solve this I divide both sides by three so X is equal to 27 That’s the fast method let’s go to slow motion method so now I will slow it down. So X divided by 3 equals to 9 Now a lot of students wll look at that and say he answer is three but that is not the correct answer. Let’s look at the problem and see that we have X divided by 3 so to undo division we have to use multiplication. So dividing by 3 we will multiply by 3 over 1 or just 3 On this left side the 3's will cancel out and you are  left with just X and on the right side you have 27. Now this is an equation so let’s go back and plug it in, 27 divided by 3 equals to 9 which was my original equation. Thanks for visiting MooMooMath.

Example 1 from the video
Step 1In order to isolate the x perform "inverse operation" which is multiplication

Example 2
Problem: x/4 = 16

Step 1: 4/1 * x/4 = 16*4 (Apply “Inverse operation” to both sides)

Step 2: x = 64 (4 and 4 cancel on the left and 16* 4 = 64 on the right)

one step equation with division
Step 2. Multiply both sides by 3