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​If you are trying to solve the problem 6+3x4 where do you start? Fortunatly the rules for the order of operations have been around for hundreds of years to help eliminate the guesswork. A very common method to remember the correct order of operations is PEMDAS, which most people remember by using the expression:

P = Parentheses
E= Exponents
M= Multiplication
D= Division
A= Addition

Always work Multiplication, Division, Addition,and Subtraction from Left to Right
​Here  are two  examples of order of operations.

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Algebraic Expressions

Definition of Order of Operations

Step 1. Parentheses in this example (3+1)=4
Step 2. Exponents 4 squared is 16
Step 3. Multiplication  5 x 16=80
Step 3. Division 8 divided by 4 =2 
Remember you read left to right so the division is before the multiplication
Step 2. Exponents 9 squared = 81
Step 1. Parentheses in this example (6+3) = 9
Step 4. Multiplication 2x3=6 and finally subtraction 81-6=75
5 x(3+1)^2
(6+3) -8 divided by 4 x 3
Example 2
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