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Common Core Standard 7.G.6   7th Grade Math
Is a square a rhombus? Yes, because a square has...

  • 4 congruent sides
  • Opposite sides that are congruent and parallel
  • Congruent opposite angles
  • Diagonals that create four right angles

Other names for a Rhombus
  • rhomb 
  • diamond
  • rhombi or rhombuses (plural)
  • rhombbi 
  •  rhombbuses 

Use this handy calculator to check your work
Calculate the following:
  • Area of a Rhombus using Base x Height
  • Area using Diagonal Method
  • Rhombus Area using trig
  • Perimeter of a Rhombus
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Area of a Rhombus
In this video you will learn....

rhombus area

The formula for area of a rhombus equals 1/2d1*d2

Area of a Rhombus

rhombus perimeter
rhombus parallel sides
rhombusdiagonals form four equal triangles
rhombus opposite angles equal
rhombus diagonals perpendicular

What does Rhombus mean?

A rhombus has four congruent sides. (equal)


A rhombus has opposite sides that are congruent and parallel.


A rhombus has opposite angles that are congruent.


The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular.


The diagonals cross and make four right angles.


The diagonals of a rhombus form four congruent interior triangles


The formula for finding perimeter equals P= 4s

s= sides


The formula for area equals ½ d1 * d2

d = length of the diagonals



Two methods for finding the area of a rhombus

Step by step directions for finding the area of a rhombus

Formula for finding the area of a rhombus

A rhombus is most commonly recognized as a diamond, but they are not limited to this shape. The following chart describes and illustrates the properties of a rhombus.