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SA =Surface Area equals the total area of the surface of the solid. Measured in units squared 

V =Volume equals the number of cubic units that can fit inside the solid. Measured in units cubed 

LA =Lateral area which equals the surface area minus the bases
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Surface Area Formula Chart

= apothem The distance from the center of a figure to the closest side

sl = slant height On a cone or pyramid it is the distance from the apex down the side to the edge of the base

B = Base Area the total area of the base and depends on the shape of the base.

h = height the vertical distance from the vertex of an object straight down to the base.

P = Perimeter of base the distance around the base

Lateral Area,Surface Area, and Volume Formulas

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Formulas for Geometry


Lateral Area

Surface Area




r = radius

sl = slant height


r= radius

sl = slant height



r = radius





S =side


SA= 6s^2

s = side


V= s^3




Circumference x Height


LA + 2πr^2

r = radius

V=πr^2 h
r = radius
h=altitude height


Perimeter x height


LA + 2Base


B depends on shape

H = height


1/2P * sl


sl =slant height


LA + 1Base

LA =lateral area

V=1/3 B * h

B depends on Base


Rectangular Solid

Perimeter *height

SA=2(lw + lh + hw)


V= length x width x height

Regular Pyramid

LA = ½ P*sl

P = sum of the sides

sl =slope height

SA = ½ Psl + B

B=depends on shape

P =perimeter

sl =slope height

V = 1/3 Bh

B = depends on shape

h = height

Right Cone


LA = ½ Psl


sl = slant height

Sa =1/2 Psl + B

P = Dπ or 2πr

B = πr^2

sl =slant height

V = 1/3 Bh

B = πr^2

h =height


Right Cylinder

LA = 2πr*h


h = height

r = radius




SA = 2πr + 2πr^2

r =radius

V = Bh

B = πr^2

h =height

Right Prism

LA = Ph

P = sum of base sides

SA = Ph + 2B

P =perimeter

h =height

B =Base

V= l*w*h

B x h if it is not rectangle



SA = 4πr^2

r =radius


V= 4/3 πr^3


r =radius