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5x -3    = -23
     +3   = +3
5x       = -20

5x/5    = -20/5

x = -4
You can solve an inequality like a normal 2 step equation unless you multiply or divide by a negative number and then you reverse the inequality.
2x -11    ≥   7
2x  +11  ≥+11
2x          ≥  18
2x/2      ≥  18/2
x          ≥     9

Be careful with inequalities. If you have to divide or multiply by a negative number you will reverse the inequality symbol.
For example.

-2x -11 ≥    7
-2x +11 ≥ +11
-2x        ≥  18
Now you divide by negative 2 so reverse the inequality
-2x/-2    ≤  18/-2
x           ≤   -9

2 step equations with inequalities

First subtract 5 from both sides, then multiply each side by the reciprocal of the fraction.
3/4x + 5 =  9
            -5 =-5
3/4x      =   4
3/4*4/3 x= 4* 4/3
x  = 16/3

2 step equations with fractions

In this example add .8 to both sides, then divide each side by .2 

.2x - .8 = 1.6
     + .8 =+.8
.2x        = 2.4
.2x/.2    = 2.4/.2
x =  1.2

2 step equations with decimals

When solving a two-step equation keep two goals in mind:

  • Goal 1. Have only variables on one side of the equation and numbers on the other side.
  • Goal 2. The number in front of the variable should be equal to one

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video tutorial two step equations
2 step equation with fraction

Steps for solving a two step linear equation.

1. You actually work the order of operations backwards so:


S= Subtract A = Addition  D= Division  M =Multiplication  E= Exponents 
P= Parentheses

1. Complete one step at a time

2. Apply the same operation to both sides

3. Bring down your numbers each time

Solving 2 Step Equations

Transcript for 2 Step Equations
Today we are going to talk about “Two step Equations” Here is our example: Five X minus three is equal to negative twenty three. Here is the problem in fast motion. Add three to both sides; five X is equal to negative twenty so X is equal to negative four. So there is our example and negative four is the answer. So let’s slow down, look at the rules, and rework the problem. So here are the rules for solving a two-step equation. You should be familiar with the order of operations. Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally or parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, and division, addition, and, subtraction. To solve a two-step equation you are actually going to undo the order of operations so you will work this backwards. You add and subtract first then you multiple and divide, then work any exponents, and then parenthesis. OK a couple of tips on solving two step equations. Do one step at a time. Apply the rule to both sides and then bring down each time. So let’s go through these steps and use our tips. OK I will go back and work these problems in slomo.Adding, and subtracting. Do we have either one? Yes we do we have minus three, I’m trying to get X by itself So in order to undo minus three I’m going to add three. So add three to both sides, draw the lines and bring it down. So negative three plus three is zero. We have created a zero so we now have 5X on the left side and negative twenty three plus three, different sides subtract, take the sign of more we have more of negatives, so we have 5X is equal to negative twenty again order of operations, after we have done adding and subtraction we go to the multiplication and division step so we are going to multiply five times X and undo it with division, the five cancel and negative twenty divided by five is negative four. So there is my answer. You can this answer, plug it into the original question and do a check. So five times negative four minus three. So five times negative four is three is twenty, minus three same signs you add and keep the signs so negative twenty minus three, same signs you add and keep the signs so negative twenty three is the answer. Hope this was helpful

Step 1.Start with subtraction , and complete the same operation on each side.  In order to eliminate the -3 you add +3. This helps accomplish goal 1 of only having variables on one side of the equation.
Step 2. Next up,division so divide each side by 5  to accomplish goal 2 which is to have only a 1 in front of the variable.
Remember to work PEMDAS backwards. It becomes

Subtraction Addition Division Multiplication Exponents Division

Follow these steps for solving two step equations with fractions

What about two step equations with fractions?

What about two step equations with parentheses?

two step equation with parentheses
two step equation with parentheses
n = -11
Step 1. Start with subtraction and complete the same operation on each side. In this case add 10 to each side. This helps completes Goal 1.
Step 3. Complete a cross product . This completes Goal 2
cross product
Step 2. Bring down your numbers each time
Step 1. Start with division because there is not an addition or subtraction operation. 
This helps complete Goal 1.
Step 2. Subtract 10 from each side. This completes Goal 2.
Video solves the following 2 step equations:
18x -14 = -14

-8 = x/40 -10

4(n+10) = -4

x =80