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Naming Lines and Line Segments| Geometry

Like many things in life, lines,rays, and line segments have similar properties, but are unique in their own way. For instance, a line segment has two endpoints, a ray only has one. Lines can intersect one another, or never cross like parallel lines. This page reviews how to name a line,line segment,ray,parallel lines,and intersecting lines. with a description of each.

line segment is a portion of a line located between two end points. A common method of writing a line segment is to use capital letters with a line drawn above. For example: 

The line segment from D to C would be written DC or CD
The line segment from A to D would be written AD or DA
Line segment
The line segment from A to E would be written EA or AE
What is a line segment?

Naming Lines and Rays

A line is a set of points that extend in both directions indefinitely. It is written using capital letters with a line with arrows on both ends written above. For example, For example,                                     

Name the line below.
Line CD and AB
line AB or CD
line AB
symbol for line AB
​A ray is a portion of a line that has one endpoint and extends in one direction indefinitely. It is written using capital letters, an arrow written above.
For example,   

Name the ray below.

ray AB
Ray AB symbol
Parallel Lines are two or more lines that are an equal distance apart from each other.

Parallel lines never meet. The symbol for parallel lines is ||

parallel lines
Intersecting lines or line segments meet or cross each other.
intersecting lines
Perpendicular lines cross each other at right angles. The symbol for perpendicular is: ⊥
perpendicular lines
Line AB⊥CD