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the frction 3/4 on a number line

I need help with a number line with fractions

What is a number line helpful for?

  • Help students count and memorize numbers
  • Help students visualize fractions
  • Improve number sense
  • A number line shows a visual picture of the position and order of numbers
  • Visually demonstrates negative numbers 
  • For example -5 + 2 = -3 If the students starts at -5 on a number line, and move to the right two numbers, they visually see why the answer is -3
  • A number line teaches the sequence of numbers and the intervals between numbers

How would you graph 2/3 on a number line? 

Step 1. Look at the denominator, which is 3 in this example.   Divide the area from 0 to 1 into 3 equal sections. 

Step 2. Now, look at the numerator, which is 2 in this example.  Count over 2 of the sections. 

fractions on a number line
Denominator is 3 so divide into 3 sections
Numerator is 2 so count over 2 sections
Graph 3/4
Numerator is 3 so count over 3 sections
Denominator is 4 so divide into 4 sections
Helpful hint: The number of lines you draw is one less than the number of sections you want.
4 sections = 3 lines
5 sections = 4 lines

​A number line is a horizontal line that has points which represent numbers. You can graph numbers by representing them as points on the number line. You can also compare the two numbers with a greater than or less than sign. 
1.     smallest                                          largest 

The symbols for greater than and less than are:
< = less than
> = greater than

Here are some examples from the video:
-6< 2 notice -6 is to the left of 2

-5<-4 notice -5 is to the left of -4

Today we are going to look at inequalities on a number line or greater than and less than problems. The less than symbol looks like an L and the greater than does not so it can’t be an L so that one is greater than. So we are going to do some comparing of integers which are just positive and negative numbers. So let’s compare negative six and positive two and negative five to negative four. So let’s look at the rules. The rules for a number line are: the smallest number is the left most number. The smallest number will always be on the left on a number line. So here is how you write the inequality. The symbol points to the smaller and the alligator is eating the larger number. If the larger number is on the left then you use the greater than symbol. So let’s compare these on a number line. We have negative six comparing to positive two, so here’s my zero and negative six falls six places away. The negative six falls on the left so it is the smaller number. Now let’s look at two negative numbers. So here is negative five and here is negative four so negative five is to the left so you would write negative five is less than negative four. Using the number line is a productive way to negative numbers and positive integers to compare them. Hope this video was helpful. 

What is a number line?

What is a number line?

​Transcript | What is a number line? |

Use this handy number line creater to plot fractions and numbers on a number line

You can enter as many numbers as you wish, place a comma in between numbers. You may enter fractions and negative numbers
Common Core Standard: 6.NSC.6