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How to Study for Math

My wife has taught for over 25 years. Her Math class is challenging but several years ago she noticed a pattern of her top students. She took notice and has created a simple formula for her students to follow to help them do their best in class.

Lets go over this formula for Math success.

Step 1. Complete your homework each time it is assigned. Math has many steps and formulas to memorize and master and completing your homework is very important.
Skateboarding, playing a musical instrument, and learning a sport require practice and repetition.
Math is the same way.

Step 2. During class or when the answer key is posted check your homework. Mark each problem you missed. 

Step 3. This is the key step and is the step that my wife noticed her top students were completing and her struggling students skipped. Complete your new homework and then rework the problems you missed.

This is the reason for step number two.

This extra effort will pay off in the long run, and will help you do your best in the Math class.

This extra step helps you notice the errors that you made and will also help you gain confidence.

Reworking the problems you missed will engage your subconscious mind and it will go to work finding solutions.
In addition, it will improve your math skills and will help reduce simple mistakes you may be making on your tests.