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Key to Success is consistent action

Show up everyday, don't miss a workout, attend class everyday, spend time with your kids each day. These are all examples of how you build success​.

key to success is consistent action

Inspirational Sayings # 16

Inspirational Sayings # 15

Things don't wait for those who can't take action. They are taken by those who hustle.
Stop waiting and start hustling

Go out and make it happen

inspirational saying 14 Failure is a lesson in disguise
Failure can be a lesson in disguise

Look for the lesson on the other side

Failure is rarely fun,hurts, and is generally unpleasant. However, it can be a springboard to greatness if you learn from the failure.

Inspirational Sayings # 14

What you share multiplies
What you hoard disappears

There are many things we can share,food,love,power,wealth, happiness,joy, and many,many more.

Inspirational Sayings # 13

Lesson's from Shark Tank

Surround yourself with successful people

Be open to new ideas

When an idea Sounds good,take action

Inspirational Sayings # 12

inspirational saying # 10 you can get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want

Inspirational Sayings # 11

You can get whatever you want in Life  If you help enough people get what they want

I think Mr. Zigler discovered a universal truth with this saying.

inspirational saying # 9/if you have a purpose in which you believe,there is no end to what you can acoomplish

Inspirational Sayings # 10

If you have a purpose in which you believe,there's no end to what you can accomplish.

All of the following can help us find our purpose.Setting goals,dreaming big, and having the courage to pursue our dreams and goals. 

inspirational saying #8/something amazing is going to happen today

Inspirational Sayings # 9

Something Amazing is Going to Happen Today

I try to remind myself of this everyday. Sure is more fun than complaining all the time.

inspirational saying/school motivation/making committments build hope keeping committments build trust
To reach the fruit you must climb the tree

I enjoy this simple little statement. Sometimes the good things in life require you to take some risks. If you take a risk and achieve a goal you will be happy,if you fail you will be wiser.

Recipe for Success 
Dream Big 
Be Persistent
Remember storms will pass
Never Give Up

These four ingredients are present in almost every success story.

Making Commitments Builds Hope
Keeping Commitments Builds Trust

Inspirational Sayings # 8

Inspirational Sayings # 5

Inspirational Sayings # 7

inspirational saying # 7 motivation for school,homework,Math, and Life

Inspirational Sayings # 6

inspirational saying # 5 motivation for school,homework,math and life/dream big
inspirational saying #6/school motivation/to reach the fruit you must climb the tree
insirational saying # 2/ motivational school quotes
insirational saying 1 /Daily motivational quotes
school motivational quotes/inspirational sayings/school motivation/why not you?
insirational saying # 3/ motivational school quotes/thought become things
Dream Big, being realistic is one common path to mediocrity.

Big dreams can be exciting,can give you purpose, and can be really fun to chase after.
Thoughts become Things
Improve your life by choosing good thoughts

Disneyland started as a thought,the
 i Phone started as a thought, great things start as simple thoughts. Fill your mind with good,inspiring thoughts.
If you wish to be successful in anything,Don't repeat what the average do,instead repeat what the top 1% do.

Seek the successful people out. Mimic them,repeat their habits, learn from them.
Why not you?

This is a simple statement,but very powerful. This simple statement helped Russell Wilson win a super bowl.
Difficult Challenges give birth to a part of your body that you never knew existed.

This happens both physically, and mentally. As you physically train your body it changes by growing new capillaries,increases mitochondria and much more. You can mentally change also.When you are in a rough patch in life try to figure what you can learn mentally about yourself, and then apply this later in life.

Inspirational Sayings

Inspirational Sayings # 1

Inspirational Sayings # 2

Inspirational Sayings # 3

Inspirational Sayings # 4

Inspirational sayings to help in school,homework,math,and life. I try to add a new motivational thought daily.