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Parallelogram Crossword Puzzle

Click on the picture to play an interactive version of the Parallelogram Crossword Puzzle

parallelogram crossword puzzle
Feel free to print and use the crossword for yourself or students. 
Use the link below.

​Printable copy Parallelogram crossword puzzle with answer key


  2 Opposites of a parallelogram are?
  4 A parallelogram with four equal sides and four right angles
  7 Number of sides of a parallelogram
  8 A parallelogram with opposite congruent sides,opposite sides are parallel
  9 Area of a parallelogram with a base of 4 and height of five
10 A parallelogram with four congruent sides but angles are not right angles
11 Area of a parallelogram with base of 5 and height of 3
12 A parallelogram has a base of 10 and a side of 5. What is the perimeter?


  1 Diagonals __________ each other.
  2 2(base plus side)
  3 Adjacent angles are ?
  5 Area equals base times
  6 Opposite angles are?