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Memorize polygon shape names

Names of Polygons
A polygon is a two dimensional geometric shape.
A polygon has at least three straight lines and three angles.
How do you memorize the names of these polygons and how many sides does each shape have?
Let’s go through the first ten polygons and some tricks for memorizing each plane shape.

A triangle has three sides.
Think of a tricycle with three wheels.

A quadrilateral has four sides so I think of a quad cycle which is a vehicle with four wheels.

A pentagon has 5 sides.
Think of holding a pen with your 5 fingers.

A hexagon has 6 sides
Think of the hex sounding like six for six sides

A heptagon has 7 sides
Hep kinda sounds like heaven which rhymes with seven
Think of heaven a gon

An octagon has 8 sides
Think of an octopus with 8 tentacles

A nonagon has nine sides
I think nonagon sounds like nine again

A decagon has 10 sides
I remember a decade is 10 years in length.

Next, how do you memorize, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon,Hexagon,Heptagon,Octagon,Nonagon,Decagon?

These mnemonic devices may help the polygon names.

The Question Please,Henry Hippo or Nickel Dime

The Quiz Perhaps Has History Or No Death

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