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Science Crossword Puzzles with Printable Answers

A couple suggestions for using Crossword puzzles in the classroom

  • In addition to completing the puzzle they can create a mind map of the terms used in the puzzle.
  • After checking the crossword in order to see if it is correct, students could create flashcards.
  • Students get extra credit for completing the crossword puzzle.
  • Students could write a summary paragraph using words in the crossword puzzle.
  • Create a kahoot using the terms of the crossword puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Resources

Armored Penguin   This is a free crossword puzzle creator. Simple to use and creates a nice PDF file of the puzzle. 

Discovery Crossword Creator  Another free crossword creator that is simple to use.​

Science Spot Science Crosswords  For many years Science spot was my favorite site for finding science lesson plans. It is still a great site. This is a list of science crossword puzzles.

Crossword Weaver  If you enjoy creating crossword puzzles this is a paid program that creates great looking crossword puzzles.