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3.Work on staying organized everyday.

2.Use memory techniques when preparing for tests.

1. Keep an agenda, and check it each morning and night.

Three good study habits that can help lower stress.

Student A
Student A reviews the five journeys each night for 10 minutes, and feels great about the quiz.

Time 20 minutes

Student 1 Total Time = 68 minutes     Stress Level 9 Grade =A

Student A Total Time = 62 seconds     Stress Level 4  Grade =A

Student 1 writes down the 50 facts, and tries to find a YouTube video to help memorize the facts. 

20 minutes

Texts friends and asks them how they are studying for the quiz.
10 minutes

Reviews the list by reciting it out loud 10 minutes, takes study break. 
Crams in homeroom before quiz.   

22 minutes

Here is what happens the next two days
calendar/study smarter not harder
Student 1
Once at home student 1 receives a text from a friend asking about the quiz. Student 1 can’t remember what the quiz is over so sends out a group text. Student 1 recieves several texts back, and finally gets details of the quiz.

Total Time 15 minutes

Once at home student A looks at her agenda and thinks about which memory technique would work best for this set of facts that need to be memorized. After getting details of the quiz from the agenda, student A decides to use the ”Journey Method” and chunks the list of 50 into 5 groups of 10.

Total Time  40 minutes
Student 1 glances at the teacher while she gives details on the quiz, and is able to also text her friend in class.
The bell rings and student 1 packs up her book bag, and is off to the next class.

Total Time 1 minute

Student A looks at the teacher while details of the quiz are given ,and gets out her agenda.
Next, student A writes details in her agenda about the quiz, and makes a mental note about the quiz.

Total Time 2 minutes

Student A.
Student 1.
student A Study Smarter not harder
student 1 Study Smarter not harder
This is a story of two students. Student 1 and Student A. They both receive an assignment of memorizing 50 facts for a quiz in three days. They both take different journeys to the same quiz, and both receive an A on the quiz. The biggest difference is that student A encountered much less stress, and saved a couple of minutes. In order to have a life outside of school, and make excellent grades one must learn to be time efficient.

Study Smarter not Harder

There are several quick and easy study habits you can begin to develop that will help lower your stress and make you a more efficient student. Stress is difficult on your body and can lead to apathy and burn out.