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What is an integer ?

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What are the properties of an integer ?

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Integers include all whole numbers, and their opposites.

For example 0, 1, 2, 3, -1, -2, -5 are all examples of integers.

Integers do not include fractions, or percents, or decimals.

Integers can describe opposite situations.
  • A positive integer would be a deposit of $50.  
  •  A negative integer would be a withdraw of 50 dollars  
  • A positive integer would be 200 ft. above sea level.  
  • A negative integer would be 200 feet below sea level

Lets look at another example.

What integer represents a gain of 35 yards? 35
What is the opposite of a gain of 35 yards? 
A loss of 35 yards? -35
What does zero represent in this situation? You didn’t gain or lose yards.

Ordering & Comparing Integers

Use a number line when ordering and comparing integers. The number furthest to the left is the least number.

The number furthest to the right is the greatest number
As you move to the right the integers are positive and to the left of zero the integers become negative.

For example, compare -7 and 3
  •  -7 less than 3 
  •  2 is greater than -3 
  •  -2 greater than -9

Order these integers from least to greatest.
 -1, 7, -11    from least to greatest -11, -1, 7
0, -7, 11 would be -7, 0, 11 

-4, -3, -7
would be from least to greatest -7 -4 -3